Best Beginner Golf Irons

Best Beginner Golf Irons

The right set of clubs does not automatically turn beginners into experts, but first feelings of success are more likely.

Quick look at the Best Beginner Golf Irons

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Beginner golfers take their first swings on the driving range at a low cost: “Half a set of clubs is enough to try out,” says Jonathan Wall, golf pro. Irons 5, 7 and 9, pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter are initially sufficient. Woods for long shots from the fairway are only necessary for advanced players.

Better ball control. Beginners are best to use club heads that are cast in steel. The head should have a pronounced weight distribution at the edges and in the sole. Even badly hit balls will hold better in the desired direction. A further advantage is that the weight in the sole of the club results in a higher ball flight.

Most shafts are made of steel or graphite. Steel provides better ball control. Graphite is lighter and absorbs the impact shock. The material is easy on the joints and is therefore suitable for players who do not swing as fast or who are not very mobile. Another selection criterion is the flexibility of the shaft, the so-called shaft flex. Beginners usually get along well with the regular version.

Which golf clubs are also suitable as the best beginner golf irons?
Especially for beginners, these are very special golf clubs: irons are considered difficult to play. All the technical terms around these golf clubs also deter many a beginner: Blades, Cavity-Backs, Forged, Cast… Someone else should keep track. That’s exactly why I’m going to help you get out of the iron jungle today. You will learn which golf clubs you can play without hesitation even as a beginner. And what alternatives are available to the more complicated models.

Golf clubs for control and precision
There is a suitable golf club for every situation in golf. Beginner golf irons are designed to make particularly accurate and controlled shots into the green. This distinguishes them from woods, for example, which are designed more for length and less for precision.

The difference is due to the different sizes of club heads and the different soles. Originally, iron was actually used for these golf clubs. Today, however, the clubs are made of a special high-tech steel. For beginners, irons with a cavity back are the best choice. This name stands for large club heads that are hollowed out at the back. They provide more forgiveness and distance for badly hit balls than other irons. Golf clubs with a blade-head, on the other hand, are for experts. They have extremely small club heads, narrow soles and are virtually unforgiving. So with a cavity back, beginners are always right.

Forged and Cast irons – A brief overview
In addition to the different club head shapes, there are also different manufacturing methods for the irons. The golf clubs are available as Forged and Cast irons. Forged irons are forged clubs that are characterised by their soft and sensitive impact. Although they are sensitive to scratches and relatively expensive due to the complex production process, the Forged models are 1A in terms of playing characteristics. Cast irons are cast in the usual manufacturing process. This makes them a little more durable, but they do not play as soft as Forged irons. Beginners usually hardly notice the difference. And even with a good cast iron you can play a wonderful game.

Golf clubs: iron sets for beginners and alternatives
A few more tips for playing golf: irons are rightly regarded as golf clubs that are somewhat harder to play. It is best to take an iron set for beginners. This will allow you to get used to the clubs at your leisure and to practice with all of them, even during short games. If you want to play it safe as a beginner, you can also replace the higher irons from the 5 with hybrids. Hybrids are much easier to play. They do not require a too high technical level and allow even beginners to make precise, controlled shots. Don’t be ashamed when you resort to hybrid golf clubs. Even a Martin Kaymer did not start out as a major winner.

A piece of advice for playing golf with the irons
A good tip for playing with the irons has proven to be the following guiding principle: “Ball ground”. This means that the club head must first hit the golf ball before penetrating the ground. This creates the divot, a piece of grass that is knocked out of the ground. If there is no divot, you hit the ball “fat” and the stroke does not fly as controlled as desired. By the way: On the golf course, it is good manners to carefully put the grass back into the divot.

Even as a beginner in the golf sport you can calmly reach for the iron. At least if it is a golf club with cavity back. And if you are unsure, you can always replace the higher irons with hybrids.

Best choice: Callaway Apex Pro iron set

This iron set was developed in close cooperation with the tour pros. The new Players iron is designed to appeal to those who want all the advantages of a sporty iron without having to forego long distance technologies.

What is in the Callaway Apex Pro 19 irons?
The forged body is made of 1025 carbon steel, so the feel is supposed to be very comfortable and soft. Microsphere technology is also used. Microsphere technology is made up of many – and there are millions – of tiny air bubbles designed to reduce unwanted vibrations.

The 360° Face-Cup technology is supposed to provide the power. This is intended to provide better power transmission over the entire clubface, so that the balls become faster and can achieve greater distance. In the short irons, the variable thickness of the clubface is present, so that the spin and the flight conditions are more “aggressive”. When it comes to precision, these beginner golf irons should score.

What do the Callaway Apex Pro 19 irons offer?
Each iron contains an average of 50 grams of tungsten. This is to provide the center of gravity for an adjusted trajectory. Ultimately, the different weights are designed to give each iron the perfect characteristics.

The Callaway Apex Pro 19 irons will most likely end up in some of the pockets of Callaway Tour Pros. During development, the stars are consulted and their feedback is incorporated into the design. The product is a set of irons that are very soft to play, have distance enhancing properties and look extremely sporty.

Available clubsIron 3 to AW

Cobra King F9 Speedback iron set

Cobra King F9 Speedback irons

A low centre of gravity with a very high inertia – this is what the Cobra King F9 Speedback irons are supposed to be characterised by. In order to guarantee this, the Cobras in charge did not bother with innovations and technologies.

What is in the Cobra King F9 Speedback irons?
A steel band is used to add mass deep and back in the club. It also wraps around the back of the head to keep the centre of gravity low. To maintain the normal sole width, the weight band is placed above the contact area on the sole.

The use of tungsten (tungsten) increases inertia enormously. For the long irons even 33 grams of the “miracle cure” are used, which has a significant effect on the playing characteristics. The club becomes more stable, stronger and faster due to up to 10% more inertia.

The forged PWRSHELL insert features a deep undercut sole design and a completely new 1.2mm inner speed channel that absorbs and returns more energy to the ball, resulting in higher ball speeds and a higher launch angle.

The SweetZone is designed to get bigger with E9 technology. The clubface is variably thick, so that a larger optimum hitting zone is created.

Shorter hosels in the long irons position the centre of gravity lower and thus promote a higher take-off angle. Progressively longer hosels in the short irons and wedges gradually raise the centre of gravity to generate flatter and more controlled trajectories.

What do the Cobra King F9 Speedback golf irons offer to the beginner?
A combination of aluminum, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) and acrylic foam is used for a comfortable feel. This is designed to dampen vibrations. As we said early, Cobra is one of the best golf clubs for seniors.

With Cobra Conenct, extensive feedback is provided. Every stroke is recorded and evaluated by sensors built into the handle. If you play a few rounds with Cobra Connect, trends, average stroke lengths and potential for improvement quickly become apparent. The golfer can profit from the information gained and improve his game significantly.

For better conditions with each club a progressive set-up is offered. The grooves, which are CNC precision milled, provide less spin for more length for long irons. For short irons, a U-shape offers more control with more spin.

Available clubsIron 5 to SW

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set

Mizuno MP-20 Golf Iron Set

New Blades from Mizuno – Golf fans of the purist irons are always happy to hear this news. The unmistakable feeling of the most classic irons on the market convinces generations. The Mizuno MP-20 irons, with copper as a feel-good amplifier, are set to join the popular range.

What is in the Mizuno MP-20 irons?
The elaborate forging process called Grain Flow Forging keeps the original texture of carbon steel together. As a result the metal structures are stronger and vibrate less. The result is a very soft playing feel. To further enhance the effect, the clever minds at Mizuno have taken a look back in time. A layer of copper should make the irons even more comfortable than they already are.

A blind test with various professionals has shown that the mixture of carbon steel with the additional copper layer gives the best feeling. Different prototypes were used for testing, but this combination was unanimously chosen by the pros.

What do the Mizuno MP-20 irons offer?
As with all Mizuno irons aimed at pros and low handicappers, the Mizuno MP-20 irons have a compact head shape. The top line has been reduced in size and tapers to a point, the sole is thin and curved. This is not only for optical reasons but also provides the iron with a lot of stability. The forgiveness of thin and fat strokes is also increased, but this is not important with such an iron.

A chromed finish is responsible for the visual appearance. Satin and mirror chrome was used. This mixture provides a high gloss finish on one side and promises a non-dazzling striking surface when the sun is not shining.

Available clubsIron 3 to PW

PING G410 Iron Set

PING G410 Black Dot Iron Set

Ping has set himself a challenge with this iron set. How can you keep an iron small, compact and sporty in appearance without sacrificing forgiveness and performance? The solution to this problem should be the Ping G410 iron.

What is in the Ping G410 iron?
The construction was completely renewed and generally slimmed down, which is why a lot of weight was saved. This weight has been placed on the edges, i.e. the extremities (heel and toe). There is now more weight, so that the MOI (inertia) value could increase. Approximately 8% more could be achieved, so that now more consistency and fault tolerance can be offered.

In addition, more space has been given to the hitting surface so that it can deform more and more easily. This extra flexibility results in higher speed and a higher flight curve. This could be achieved by decoupling the hitting surface and weights. In addition, the COR Eye technology is to be applied. This shows the maximum trampoline effect values, like an eye, and enables high power transmission over the entire clubface.

In addition to steel, the head is also made of tungsten weights, aluminium and elastomers, both of which are responsible for the sound. Sohlheim says about these irons that everything must be right when making a purchase decision. In the beginning the club should look good, convey self-confidence when you hit the ball and then create a brilliant feeling. Everything is united in this iron.

The wedges of the iron set (PW, UW, SW and LW) should offer more spin than the corresponding irons. This is achieved by sharper edges, which should interact more with the ball. This creates more friction, which results in more spin.

What does the Ping G410 iron offer?
Short and crisp: More compact shape. The Ping G410 irons have been visually enhanced and made slimmer at all set screws. The size of the head has been reduced and the irons have 10% less off-set. This makes the iron look like a set of irons in the Players iron category, but it has all the characteristics of a Game Improvement iron. Furthermore, the Hydro-Pearl 2.0 finish should set optical accents.

Available clubsIrons 4 to 9, PW, UW, SW and LW

Srixon Z 785 Golf Iron Set

Srixon Z 785 Golf Iron Set

New Blades from Srixon: After last year’s replacement of the well-known iron series and the wondering what happened to the blades, the all-clear is now given.

What is in the Srixon Z785 Forged irons?
On the back of the blade the well-known two sharp lines are processed. One runs from the heel and one from the tip. This should not only be visually appealing, but also influence the game and flight fiddle fates.

Since the irons are forged from one piece, the feel and original texture of the steel should not be lost.

New is the V.T. sole, which should increase the playability. You should be able to glide better through the ground and thus have a better feeling over the irons.

What do the Srixon Z785 Forged irons offer?
A familiar look with minor changes, that’s what distinguishes this year’s Blade. For professionals and those who want to become professionals, these irons have been made. If you want to rely on a sporty set of irons with lots of control and feel, this is the right choice.

Available clubs4-PW

TaylorMade M5 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M5 Iron Set

The TaylorMade M5 irons belong to the genus of Game Improvement irons. Game enhancing features, a new sound enhancing bridge and a sporty profile are the hallmarks of this iron.

What is in the TaylorMade M5 Irons?
In both iron sets there is the Speed Bridge. This connects the rear part of the iron with the top line. This is the main technology, because almost all other innovations have to do with or are based on this Speed-Bridge.

The bridge is in a different position for each iron, so that the optimal weighting is guaranteed. In addition, it is sometimes a bit thicker, longer or curved, because the demands on the irons are simply always different.

Of course, the bridge also provides improved stability, so that on the one hand less vibrations should occur and on the other hand a new Speed-Pocket is possible.

This already brings us to the completely new Speed-Pocket with a continuous slot. Behind the hitting surface the magic is to be created, which is responsible for extreme ball speeds. The clubface can deform much further than in the previous models.

The hybrid damper is to function as a further damping technology. The small piece originates from the industry and has been used as a damper for a long time – now also in iron.

To lower the center of gravity, the well-known Fluted Hosel was used. At the hosel, where weight is of no use, parts are taken out of the hosel. Less weight on top of the hosel means that the center of gravity moves down. Compared to the brother model, the M6 irons have the cavities for 180° degrees – the M6 even 360° degrees.

What do the TaylorMade M5 irons offer?
The TaylorMade M5 Irons offer a wide range of technologies, all of which are designed to make them easy to play and increase speed. However, they do this in a very compact and sporty look.

The look is kept very simple, as design elements have been completely eliminated. That’s why the irons look like normal player irons from a little further away. Compared to the M6 irons, these are also much smaller.

The Fluted Hosel is not visible when playing, because it was only applied to the back. This way the optics are not disturbed while playing.

This is what our editor says, who has already had the opportunity to inspect the clubs in Carlsbad at TaylorMade headquarters:

“The TaylorMade M5 iron is no ordinary game improvement iron. With its many innovations, it is very fast and retains the look of a professional tour iron. Compared to the last few years, the developers have gotten a better grip on the sound.”

Available clubs4-PW, AW

Golf irons: The guide with all information for buying clubs

The irons are the heart of golf equipment and have changed the least over time. We explain about the different types of irons.
No matter whether you are Tiger Woods or Mrs. Müller, there is a set of irons that fits you perfectly. There is no doubt that the most essential and primal part of any golfer’s game is the iron. The iron is truly the base of your bag. The ability to control and “shape” (determine the trajectory of the iron) defines the quality of your game. It can’t hurt to have a good drive, but as long as the next shot doesn’t hit the green, it’s not very effective.

You have about eight or nine irons in your bag, so finding the right set can have a decisive influence on your game. There are a large number of different irons, special variations, certain features, and this guide is designed to help you find the Holy Grail of golf – the perfect set of irons.

The different golf irons
Forged iron

Forging an iron is comparable to what the farrier used to do. The metal is roughly shaped and then worked with a hammer until they approach the desired shape. The work is then continued until an unworked version of the club head’s target is achieved. The carbon steel or chrome club head is then completed by milling, grinding and drilling, resulting in a solid looking, soft metal club with a reduced sweet spot. The finished, forged irons are aimed at good players who value feel and control in their shots.

Cast irons

The alternative to forged iron is cast iron. With this type of iron, liquid metal is poured into a stencil. In this way, manufacturers can produce more complex club head shapes. This is why cast irons fit better with modern design ideas where weight is shifted to the edge and which are generally more complex in design. The process of casting is simpler and cheaper than forging an iron, which is reflected in the final price.

Designs of golf irons
Blade Iron

The blade iron generally offers a small striking area with a thin club head. Blades distribute weight evenly throughout the clubhead, resulting in a relatively small sweet spot in the center of the clubface. A ball hit with the center of the clubface will therefore develop a long, straight trajectory. However, shots hit off-centre (outside the sweet spot) have short, unpredictable trajectories.
Because more weight is placed behind the sweet spot, the blade iron offers a better feel for the shot than, for example, a cavity back. For this reason the blade iron is also known as a ‘muscleback iron’. It is primarily suited to low handicap players who choose to take advantage of the feel and execution possibilities of a blade iron.

Cavity Back Iron – TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons
TaylorMade SIM MAX Irons

A cavity back iron, also known as perimeter weighted iron, is usually a precision cast iron. While the manufacturing process itself is less important, the club head design is all the more important. The cavity back iron is made of stainless steel that supports a hard impact moment. The clubhead distributes the weight around the perimeter of the clubface to create the largest possible sweet spot.

This has the effect of making off-center shots longer and straighter than they would with a blade iron, making the club more forgiving. On the other hand, this forgiveness reduces the feel of the shot, making it more appropriate for higher handicappers who benefit from the larger sweet spot. This is why they are also known as ‘game-improvement irons’.

Hybrid Irons – Cleveland Golf Launcher Turbo HB Iron Set

By far the latest development among the iron types on the market are the hybrid irons. The target group of these clubs are players who have problems with their longer irons. The irons vary within the set from short cavity back irons, through medium ‘hollow back’ or reduced cavity back irons to long part-wood part-iron clubs. The advantages of these clubs are obvious: the short cavity backs provide maximum forgiveness and control on short shots to the green, while the medium cavity back irons shift the weight of the clubhead further back-and-down to allow easy hitting, high shots over medium distances.

Finally, the long irons combine the advantages of fairway woods, especially their length, with the control and precision of a long iron. Especially for medium to high handicap golfers or older players, this set of irons could be the perfect mix to improve iron play.

Golf iron shafts
Steel shafts

The most commonly used shaft for iron is the steel shaft. Steel offers many advantages that are useful for iron sets. Carbon steel or stainless steel as a material is relatively thick and offers constant torque and flex (pliability). In terms of irons, this is advantageous because it means you have the same flex on your 3 iron and your 9 iron. The low price and high durability of the metal make it a popular shaft choice for golfers.

Graphite shafts

Not quite as common as the steel shank on the iron market, graphite can nevertheless, due to its extremely low weight, offer a great advantage as a shank material. The weight advantage offers golfers the chance to increase the swing speed and thus possibly reach greater distances. The disadvantage of graphite is in the feel: a stiff-flex graphite shaft (stiff pliability) will not feel like a stiff steel shaft, and it could also be that the flex is not absolutely constant through all irons. Another drawback is the price.

Graphite shafts are simply more expensive to produce than steel shafts, which is also reflected in the retail price. Nevertheless, if you are an older, very young or female golfer who prefers a light club, the extra euros could have a positive effect on your game.

Multi-material shafts

A recent development in the stock market is the multi-material stock. This type of shaft combines both steel and graphite in one shaft. Typically it is a steel shaft with a graphite tip. The area of steel provides a solid flex that offers more control and allows the player to have more control over the flight curve.

The graphite tip allows the racquet to go through the ball with a certain dynamic, which should result in more length. In addition, the graphite tip helps filter out unwanted vibrations that can occur at impact and optimizes the feel with every shot.

Tips for buying a best iron set for beginners

How many clubs do you need?
This question may seem a trivial one, but in fact there are many options when choosing which individual clubs to buy. The most common set of best beginner golf irons includes clubs from the 3-iron to the pitching wedge, with the 3 and 4 irons being increasingly omitted in favor of hybrid clubs. Many high-level players opt for the 2 to 9 iron range, leaving more options for special wedges in the short game.

The iron #2 offers you a small bischen extra length and an additional option for the tee shot. A medium amateur player could choose the 5 iron to pitching wedge option to leave room for fairway woods and hybrid clubs instead of the long irons.

One of the biggest advantages for beginners today is the opportunity to test golf irons at demo days, trade shows or at the Fitter of Trust. You can’t say this often enough: wanting to find the right clubs is good, but only when you can really use and judge them, feel, control, even the look, only then you can be sure to have found the perfect set of irons.

Custom Fitting is a service offered by all major manufacturers, but also independent workshops, which has revolutionized the game of many golfers. The ability to customize certain features of the iron set to your size and swing is a very useful process when buying clubs. The average set of clubs is aimed at a 70 inch tall player. If this is not exactly your size, you will benefit from a custom fitting.

It includes custom fitting of the shaft length and lie angle (angle between club head and shaft – the bigger you are, the more likely you are to need a more upright lie). In addition, the flex of the shaft can be adjusted to the speed of your swing so that the clubface does not come too ‘open’ or ‘closed’ to the ball. Even the clubhead design can be adjusted to your swing and the desired shots.

Cobra Golf 2020 Airspeed Iron Set

Cobra Golf 2020 Airspeed Iron Set

Custom Fitting takes about 30 minutes and is offered in many pro shops and golf shops. Some manufacturers also have specially equipped fitting centers where you can be fitted like a tour pro using the latest technology. In terms of price, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket for the custom fitting than an off-the-peg iron set. On the other hand, you might not feel the need for new clubs too soon, as they are perfectly designed for them: So there are no excuses!

Demo Days
On demo days, the respective manufacturers offer all interested parties the opportunity to try out the latest equipment, give tips on the special features and answer questions of all kinds. On some demo days there are even custom fitting trucks present, where your swing can be analyzed on site and you can order the customized clubs directly.

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Set

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron Set

The TaylorMade M6 irons belong to the genus of Game Improvement irons. This iron features game-supporting characteristics, a new sound enhancing bridge and a generous profile.

What is in the TaylorMade M6 Irons?
In both iron sets there is the Speed Bridge. This connects the rear part of the iron to the top line. This is the main technology, because almost all other innovations have to do with or are based on this Speed-Bridge.

The bridge is in a different position for each iron, so that the optimal weighting is guaranteed. In addition, it is sometimes a bit thicker, longer or curved, because the demands on the irons are simply always different.

Of course, the bridge also provides improved stability for beginners, so that on the one hand less vibrations should occur and on the other hand a new Speed-Pocket is possible.

This already brings us to the completely new Speed-Pocket with a continuous slot. Behind the hitting surface the magic is to be created, which is responsible for extreme ball speeds. The clubface can deform much further than in the previous models.

The hybrid damper is to function as a further damping technology. The small piece originates from the industry and has been used as a damper for a long time – now also in iron.

To lower the center of gravity, the well-known Fluted Hosel was used. At the hosel, where weight is of no use, parts are taken out of the hosel. Less weight on top of the hosel means that the center of gravity moves down. Compared to the brother model, the M5 irons, the M6 irons have the cavities for 360° degrees – the M5 only 180° degrees.

What do the TaylorMade M6 irons offer?
When you hold this set of irons in your hands, you get a fiery look. The blood-orange theme of the woods also comes into play here. The sound enhancing elements make the iron sound less hard than normal Game Improvement irons.

The profile is designed very large to absorb misses and deliver more confidence.

That’s what our editor says, who has already inspected the clubs in Carlsbad at TaylorMade headquarters:

“The TaylorMade M6 Iron delivers power. With these clubs, you feel safe when you’re being challenged. When you hit the middle, the ball goes high into the sky with a good pull off the blade.”

Titleist 718 T-MB Iron Set

Titleist 718 T-MB Iron Set

With the new T Series models, Titleist offers golfers easy playability coupled with powerful performance and a “feel like never before”.

What’s in the Titleist T-MB Irons?
Forged tungsten inserts in two densities (an average of 66 grams in the heel and toe) provide exceptional stability, while the Tour-style blade shape with a thin topline, minimal offset and slightly rounded sole provides better ground contact. The set design with graded blade lengths, trouser lengths and sole widths allows for the optimal centre of gravity position for each clubhead.

What do Titleist T-MB irons offer for beginners?
The T-MB is the new T Series Players’ Iron and is designed for advanced players who want to play Tour quality irons. Through close collaboration with Jordan Spieth and other tour players, we have developed an iron that meets the highest standards and has the top professionals in its pockets. The fully forged construction provides length and length control in one, the special striking face provides the necessary speed of the ball.

Another variation – the Titleist T-MB S iron completes the range. For this, S stands for “Strong”, which describes the lofts that are 2° stronger. Accordingly, there are also small changes in weighting compared to the “normal” T-MB irons, in order to still achieve a solid playing height with the now flatter lofts. Due to the flatter lofts, these irons generate a little more length and distance, but still retain their familiar sporty look.

Wilson Staff Golf D7 Irons

Wilson Staff Golf Men's D7 Irons

What are irons used for?
The irons are often a particularly personal matter for golfers. They represent the majority of clubs in a bag and are responsible for the important medium and short shots, but are also used from the tee. The irons have to meet very different requirements and have to cope with long approach shots as well as sensitive short shots near the green.

These types of irons can be distinguished in practice
Irons belong to those golf clubs that have changed the least over time. While different materials for the construction of the heads have been tried out over time, especially for the woods and also for the hybrids, the irons today are still made of forged or cast iron. Especially the cheaper irons and clubs in the middle price segment are dominated by cast irons, while higher priced models are often forged irons. Forged irons have the advantage of a softer feel, especially when hitting the sweet spot, whereas cast irons are much more durable in terms of the clubface. Most irons are made with shafts that are also made of iron. However, for golfers with a slower swing or less power, models with a graphite shaft are also available.

Blades, cavity and muscleback: These are the differences
The iron in its pure form, as played in the early days of golf, is called a blade. These irons have a rather small striking surface and a simple construction, the striking surface is very thin. In addition, no or hardly any elements are used to improve the playability. Such irons are generally difficult to play and hardly forgive misses, which is particularly reflected in a significant reduction in distance. Professional players prefer these irons because they show a very narrow top surface in the address position and have a low offset. A small offset means a small offset of the clubface behind the shaft, which makes the ball’s response more direct. Clubs for beginners and golfers with a high handicap are usually designed as cavityback clubs. This is the name given to irons in which notches are made on the back of the club head to influence the distribution of weight. The aim here is to shift the centre of gravity of the head further down and further back. Independent of the player’s swing, this ensures that the club tends to stay lower during the swing movement and the player reaches more ball flight height. Better players often reject such play improvement features, as they reduce the workability of the ball flight. Muscleback clubs do not have cut-outs in the construction of the back of the club, which means that the centre of gravity is higher up in the club. This makes it possible to achieve flatter trajectories, which in turn means greater distance and, in particular, further roll of the ball. The latter is especially important when the iron is to be used from the tee. In some cases, the manufacturers of irons try to combine the different approaches of cavity and muscleback irons in order to be able to differentiate the range of irons for different player requirements.

Callaway X HOT Iron Set

Callaway X HOT Iron Set

The hitting surfaces are large and the weights in the club head are positioned far down, back and to the side, as with the drivers, and for the same reason: the club is designed to forgive you if you don’t hit the ball quite centered, but still fly far and straight.

The soles are wide even with the long irons, to avoid “fat” shots (those that touch the ground first and then the ball) and to facilitate the game from the rough.

The striking surfaces are offset, i.e. they are set back approximately to avoid slice, especially on the longer irons.

More advanced players with higher swing speeds, on the other hand, demand clubs that focus on control, feel and feedback rather than forgiveness. This is achieved by smaller club faces, more even weight distribution in the club head, the use of softer special steel or other production methods (forging instead of casting). Very good players with a single digit handicap often use so-called blades or muscle backs, whose club heads have narrow soles and toplines as well as small striking surfaces and almost smooth backs. Suppliers include Taylor Made, Cobra, Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, Bridgestone and especially Titleist.

For the choice of the suitable shaft, we refer to the above mentioned explanations. The irons of a classic set have 4° jumps for the short irons and 3° jumps for the long irons:
Pitching Wedge: 48°
Iron 9: 44°
Iron 8: 40°.
Iron 7: 36°.
Iron 6: 32°
Iron 5: 28°
Iron 4: 25°.
Iron 3: 22°.
Iron 2: 19°
Iron 1: 16°
These specifications still apply today for the very sporty irons, e.g. blades. In recent years, the manufacturers have moved to lower lofts for the “average golfer”, e.g. 40° for a 9 iron, 33° for a 7 iron, 25° for a 5 iron, etc. If you test new clubs and, for example, hit further with a current 5 iron than with your old one, this may essentially be because the loft of the new club is simply 3° lower than with your old one.

How many irons do you actually need? The answer to this question depends once again on your swing speed. The lower it is, the more long irons you should replace with hybrid clubs. Even in the bags of the pros today, the 1 iron is no longer found at all and the 2 iron is rarely found because it is too difficult to play; for recreational golfers, these irons are therefore all the more meaningless. The 3 iron should only be in the bag if you hit it constantly at least 180 meters carry, for the 4 and 5 irons the minimum lengths are 160 and 140. Those who do not reach these lengths are usually better off with appropriate hybrids. That is why we sell most men’s sets from iron 5 and the women’s sets from iron 6, which are then supplemented with hybrid clubs.

Mizuno JPX 919 Iron Set

Mizuno JPX 919

For this iron, a lot of effort was put into the chemical bag of tricks. The base material iron was mixed with a secret but small amount of boron.

What is in Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Iron?
Mizuno’s well known Grain Flow forging technique was also used in Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Iron. However, the usual iron used was enriched with boron. The new mixture of iron and boron is about 30% stronger than the usual steel so that the striking surface could be greatly thinned.

Together with the ribbed back of the face, weight and thickness have been saved, which should lead to better take-off angles. How does this work and how is it connected? The ribbing saves weight, the face is thinner and therefore more flexible and the SweetSpot can be made larger because more space has been created for a flexible face.

For forgiveness the frame has been modified. The frame should be able to better compensate for mistakes by weight distribution. Weight was mainly placed from the heel to the tip. Weight behind the face automatically means more forgiveness, because there is more mass to cushion the ball and still be able to travel well when you are a bit too early or too late.

What does the Mizuno JPX 919 Forged Iron offer?
A new coating – the Pearl Brush – is supposed to help against strong glare in sunlight. It is also said to be more durable, so scratches and wear and tear should only be visible after long use.

The target group for this club is an athletic player who still has no objections to the one or other support. Despite the small amount of support, these are clearly Players irons that are especially suited for pros, low handicappers and really good ball strikers.

TaylorMade M CGB Iron Set

TaylorMade M CGB

Error tolerance through use of tungsten
A particularly thin hitting surface, measuring only two millimetres, is intended to generate more ball speed and, directly linked to this, more length.

Additional ribbed tungsten weights have been used to keep the centre of gravity of the club very low. This device is intended to ensure that the balls start at a steep angle and take on the optimum spin. The technologies have enabled a high rebound value or trampoline effect, which helps to generate higher ball speed even at lower speeds of the club face.

The clubface has been designed for fault tolerance. With more metal in the head, cavity back and increased inertia, hits that are not centered on the clubface will still produce good results.

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