Best Ball For Senior Golfers

What is the best ball for senior golfers in 2020?

Golf is one of the most popular sports for seniors. When it comes to choosing the ideal golf ball, seniors should choose a ball that is specifically designed to reduce their weaknesses and highlight their strengths.

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In this article we would like to answer this question: What are the best golf balls for seniors?

Who said golf is hard at this age? It’s one of the most popular sports among seniors today! In this article you will find out which are the best golf balls for these players.

If you are a lucky man who has already been released from work by retirement, you now have the opportunity to spend a little more time on lowering your handicap. (They say your handicap indicates how many days you work per month…)

However, you should know that the body does not respond in the same way as it did a few years ago. All that energy and strength you had as a child is now a little more spent, but that’s not going to stop you from playing the games, is it?

All you need to do is change your golf equipment, so that it’s more suited to your new style of play. Today’s manufacturers take into account all types of players in the sport, so there are options to suit your needs.

You may have lost swing speed and some distance on each shot over the years, but choosing the right golf balls will certainly allow you to regain those meters and even improve your score.

In this article we help you to identify the brand and model of ball that can benefit your game the most according to its characteristics. To do this we have made a selection of the best options available.

Titleist DT TruSoft

Titleist is the first choice because it is a quality brand among golfers. Within its range of products we find the Trusoft, a slightly lighter ball that hardly compromises the control of the direction and ensures great distance.

They have a very comfortable soft touch, and have a faster flight than other brands.

They are balls that are designed in such a way that all players, regardless of their level, can benefit from them:

Solid core that allows for greater speed.
Great ball control in short game.
The only disadvantage they have is that they are not particularly precise, since being a low compression ball the precision of the shots is not uniform if the speed of our swing is irregular.

Callaway Supersoft

The name says it all: supersoft = super soft. They are surely the softest balls we will find on the market, which will make you gain distance in all your hits.

They have a highly resistant and durable outer cover made of Surlyn.

Its low compression reduces the rotation of the ball and allows you to reach very long distances.
Balls perfect for senior players with slower swings.
The low ball spin allows for straight, accurate shots.
In short, it is a model highly recommended for players with medium-high handicap who have a not very fast swing.

However, it can be counterproductive for experienced players, as its softness makes it difficult to transmit spin on the shots.

Srixon AD333

The Srixon AD333 is manufactured with an outer shell of Pan-Tetra material, which is one of the most durable materials used in this industry.

If you are interested in the durability of your balls then this is your model.

The quality of these golf balls is exceptional, and their performance is very satisfactory.
With low resistance the balls travel straighter in the right direction, maximizing flight time.
The cover, despite being thin, gives a smooth hit.
The price we can find them at is affordable.
Clearly they are very recommendable balls. Experienced players can get a very high performance from them.

Bridgestone E5 High Flight

This is a ball that is very popular among senior players.

The E5 is the only two-piece ball that has a urethane coating, which is normally found on the better quality golf balls such as the ProV1.

Most of its features are adapted to the needs of this group, also allowing more accurate shots and faster flight thanks to the double hole design that improves air penetration.

Increased distance with low speed swings.
Longer flight time with each shot thanks to the new double dimple design.
Affordable price. Losing these balls won’t be the biggest disappointment.
Dimple technology also improves ball roll on the greens. This makes it easier to maintain the direction of the putts.
Not recommended for beginners. Bridgestone balls require good strokes and well-calculated shots.

Srixon Q Star

Are you looking for a ball that gives you the best control on every shot without losing distance?

Then the Srixon Q Star should be in your bag.

Whether you’re practicing, playing with friends, or playing in a tournament, these balls are going to be a big help in improving your results.

Although they have a reputation for giving great control in both direction and distance, we can’t underestimate their spin or spin. Spin transmission has been significantly reduced in this model for one reason: to gain stability on every shot to ensure accuracy.

In fact, even on windy days we can see deviations attenuate.

Urethane coating provides durability and a solid feel on every shot.
Enormous control of the direction of the hits thanks to the reduced turn.
Very satisfactory quality-price ratio.
In terms of distance they do not help as much as the rest of the models on this list. Recommended for players who have not lost much swing speed.

Golf is an activity that varies greatly depending on the players, something that makes it especially interesting.

You have the opportunity to look for and choose the equipment you are most comfortable with and make the most of your playing style.

Dear senior players, there are two important things to consider when buying golf balls: The price you are willing to pay, and the factors you expect to improve your game. Both are determined by each ball model. Also you need to check this article – best golf clubs for seniors.

All of the golf ball models discussed in this article are suitable in one way or another for senior golfers. Some can give you better control and some can give you more distance.

If you know your game well, you can quickly choose the balls that benefit you most. But it is good to have different types of balls in the bag to give them varied uses or even to test their characteristics from time to time.

Knowing how to choose your ball will make you feel confident on the course and this is reflected in your strokes as well as your final result. This guide is unbiased and only intended to help our readers and users.

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